G.H.S. & Dope Hitz Entertainment Debut ‘1997’ (Mixtape)


Dope Hitz Entertainment along with G.H.S. announces the debut of ‘1997’ the mixtape. The 8-track project immediately reminds us that although it seems Hip Hop is dead that is not the case, it’s the music that’s on life support…G.H.S. is here to resuscitate and revive. Be sure to buckle up for a twenty-minute invigorating experience.

The 22-year-old Montgomery County, PA artist comes in heavy with confident bars that resonate throughout the entire project. It’s not cockiness or arrogance as the bars being spewed are real and a result of grinding. His story, which flows over dramatic arrangements of melodies to underline a cinematic vibe, depicts how he came out of the trenches to the present day, where he embraces all the mentions of his name. It’s evident G.H.S. derives from a different breed and has no qualms proclaiming that he calls all the plays and reigns as a boss.

Audiences are sure to grip his unbending honesty along with his raw emotion. They will also pick up on relevant jewels and gems on how G.H.S. moves in and out of the booth. Stream ‘1997’ the mixtape and connect with G.H.S. on Instagram @ghswuave. Check out the classic G.H.S. “Gummo” Freestyle and be on the lookout for the debut of Warner Music Group/Dope Hitz Entertainment debut album ‘Country Hero’ by G.H.S. set to release this summer.


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