Evan Barlow (@EvanBarlowMusic) – “Fabrics” (Mixtape)


Socially conscious rap artist, Evan Barlow, releases his highly anticipated new mixtape “Fabrics,” much to the delight of his ever-increasing fan base. The Richmond-bred rapper and recovering addict boldly wields his undeniable talents to shed light on the struggle, despair and ultimate victory over drug addiction, while advocating for everyone’s freedom of choice to live a better life and become the best version of themselves, despite what society may tell them.

Evan worked with an incredible group of artists to bring “Fabrics” to life, including the talented producer Bink (Kanye West, Jay Z), the phenomenal Pop Wansel Producers Some Randoms, Chally who is signed to Timbaland, Macklemore’s horn players Greg Kramer and Ouwor Arunga, as well as Andrew Hypes, Will Perry and more.

Anyhow, that’s enough for introductions for those who aren’t aware of Evan. Stream and Download Fabrics by clicking this link!


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