De La Soul feat. Usher – “Greyhounds” | @WeAreDeLaSoul @Usher


De La Soul releases another teaser track as a countdown to their highly anticipated and the Anonymous Nobody album. “Greyhounds” features smooth vocals from R&B legend Usher and the trio gives a little story on how the track came about.

“We were taking a break from recording to drive and get some food. Along the way we passed the bus station and someone in the car said in a tour guide voice ‘and to the left is the bus station where people come from everywhere to get their piece of Hollywood’. I immediately thought that would be a great song, having the entry and departure point of the story be the Greyhound bus station. A few weeks later, music from a jam session presented itself as a perfect fit for that subject, birthing the song ‘Greyhounds'”.

and the Anonymous Nobody drops August 26. Grab your preorder here.

@WeAreDeLaSoul | @Usher

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