Young Mills – Agent Double O Dollars (EP)


In a previous interview, Young Mills mentioned that he wants to leave an imprint in the Hip Hop industry by bringing back authenticity to the game. “I feel like a lot of artists in this day and age talk about a lot of things they’re not involved in or have NEVER done for that matter,” he said.

“What makes ME different from other artists ONLY being able to speak for myself is MY authenticity. A lot of my musical content I can say I have once done before,” Mills added.

If you’re trying to get a better idea of who the “Movin” rapper is, listen to his other records including “Don’t Talk About It” and “Bag Boy” which are both featured on the EP.

“Agent Double O Dollars the EP is MY personal introduction. I’m giving people an idea of what it is and what it’s been in my world,” Young Mills said of his latest project.


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