Knasty – Freak Show (EP)


Knasty is an emerging Massachusetts recording artist with an exciting new sound and undeniable popularity. After accomplishing a massive buzz with previous releases, the rising star drops his best work yet in the new EP, titled, Freak Show.

The 8-track project is pairs of high energy hooks with impressive verse. Knasty paints a vivid picture of the risks he’s taken to get ahead. He takes you through his dark times in such detail that when he speaks of his triumphs you have no choice but to respect the journey. The album is based on a true story approach from the popular artist.

Knasty on the new EP: “Freak Show is a nod to the craziness of my life. I feel people gravitate towards my music and me as an artist because I allow them to live vicariously through me as an outcast. The excessive tattoos and lyrics about psychedelic drug use bring a certain taboo about me that people can’t seem to look away from. Buy your tickets to my freakshow.”

Freak Show follows Knasty previous effort, Focus. Critics say Freak Show is electrifying, perfect and next coming. Find out more on Knasty on Instagram.

Freak Show is available on packhouse records.

Take a listen to Freak Show below.


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