Jnel Kidd – “Smooth Criminal”


Jamaica, Queens rapper Jnel Kidd makes his widespread debut with “Smooth Criminal.”

Ready to change the game, the emerging 18-year-old artist dives into his criminal elements to deliver an eye-opening formal introduction filled with crisp bars, edgy flow, and undeniable charisma. Kidd portrays himself as a modern-day Robin Hood with his goons ready to rob the city blind and split up the loot. Concept aside, Jnel Kidd proves that he has all the intangibles to ascend to superstar status. 
The song is described as an inspiration to other aspiring acts that money talks and opens the doors to live the life you dream about. Kidd explains:

“If you got you a passion you better start trapping and get you some money just to pursue it” -Jnel Kidd “Break bread with my brother because I know he’ll do the same when he makes it.”

“Smooth Criminal” is a lead up to Jnel Kidd’s promising project coming soon. “Smooth Criminal” is available now via Rich Hart Records. And with the new music, follow Jnel Kidd’s journey on Instagram. Stream it now. 


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