The Mob Mentality Red Carpet Premiere at SVA Theatre | @mobmentalitytheseries


On Wednesday, December 18, 2019, Mob Mentality, the gripping new episodic TV crime series will screen its pilot episode “All In” before a packed theatre of over 300 ticket holders ant New York’s SVA Theater.

The pilot episode follows Carmine “Car” Ponte Jr., played by actor Jack Spiegs, who is the son of a reputed Mobster sets out to rebuild his life after his release from Federal Prison, but a series of events derail his plans thrusting him into a life of crime. In the pilot, Carmine works as a high school psychologist by day while moonlighting as a criminal. Attendees will be treated to the first two episodes of the show as well as a reception with lite bites and a full open bar.

Mob Mentality was created, written and directed by Isis Djata, a Bronx native, law school graduate, and actress of West African descent. The show is produced by Locked & Loaded Films and Brave Artists. Djata is the owner and benefactor of both production companies, using $250K of her own personal savings (in addition to the show receiving an angel gift of $100,000) to get the job done. Isis set out to write the next Great American Mob Show in 2013 three months after escaping a near-death head-on collision with a drunk driver.

“I knew that it was going to work. It’s a good story. It’s a concept that hasn’t been done,” Isis says. “Viewers have never seen a character like Carmine who is a school psychologist by day and a criminal by night.” One fan has said: It’s the show mob enthusiasts have been waiting for!

The Mob Mentality Red Carpet Premiere will be hosted by award-winning multi-media journalist Selena Hill of Black Enterprise Magazine.

The show will be pitched to cable networks and streaming services beginning in February 2020.

Grab your tickets at before it’s sold out!


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