King Noire – “Radiator (Steel & Stilettos)” | @KingNoire


We all (well, most of us) have heard of some adult movie stars crossing into the hip hop world, especially back in the 90s, when adult film legend heather Hunter, came out with “I Want It All Night Long”, spitting some racy lyrics on wax. It was too much for my young, virgin ears back then, but now that I got grey hairs and a blown-out knee, I appreciate the track now more than ever.

In the millennial age, this genre of adult themed music still continues, especially with the (in Jeff Goldblum’s words) “criminally seductive” rapper known as King Noire as he brings his Royal Fetish Experience to the hip hop world with his new video, “Radiator (Steel & Stilettos)”.

Along with his leading lady, Jet Setting Jasmine, the song and video explores into a world where inhibitions is a non-factor, and the rules are…well…there are no rules. It has all the fixings: Bondage, candle wax and menage-a-trois, with a side of fries. So if you are of the faint of heart, this visual is not for you.

Oh, yeah, did I mention King Noire is super easy on the eyes, as well?


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