Entrepreneurs are modern day rockstars – TCC Entertainment


Entrepreneurs are the modern day rockstars. This narrative unfolds around a media company birthed in a college dorm room by Ilias, who, at 18, was already orchestrating sold-out events on his college campus. From leading marches in DC, front row at fashion weeks, working with private jet charters, backstage with your favorite artist at every concert. You sit and wonder how these guys made it happen. Did I mention they also have directed multiple commercials? This enterprise, initiated six years ago, swiftly expanded its horizons by collaborating with the likes of PNB Rock, Meg Thee Stallion, Pop Smoke, among others, focusing on conducting interviews and circulating content pertinent to the music industry.

The company’s growth trajectory took a significant turn when Ilias relocated to Los Angeles, being mentored by  former Death Row Records executives the late Rio Ray Blair who has unfortunately passed and Dave Harris Jr., which further shaped the musical edge for the TCC Entertainment brand. The storyline takes a pivotal turn with the introduction of Eli and Phil—key figures who brought their unique strengths to the table. Ilias and Eli’s strategic partnership led to the fusion of Eli’s Shark Media into “TCC Talent”, merging the influencer network consisting of 250+ creators and an audience exceeding 300 million. This merger underscored their collective vision of embracing the creator economy as the entertainment sector’s future. Eli, despite being the newcomer, quickly made his mark by forging significant partnerships and attracting high-profile influencers like Kareem Al Jassam and YG Naz to the TCC roster. Meanwhile, Ilias steered the company’s strategic direction from California, building partnerships with record labels and other music companies.

While also focusing on his startup Tapped Ai- a booming platform for the music industry. With Eli anchoring operations in Arizona while leveraging his massive influencer network. Phil on the other hand was  orchestrating content curation from the DMV tri-state area. Phil’s efforts were particularly noteworthy, as under his guidance, TCC Entertainment’s content amassed over 90 million impressions in just a year. As the narrative progresses, the question of “What’s next?” for this dynamic media company arises. Their forward-looking agenda includes the launch of a digital magazine aimed at spotlighting the latest trends and happenings in the entertainment world.

From a commercial standpoint, the company aims to further diversify its revenue streams through video production and digital marketing services tailored for various businesses. Additionally, there’s an ambitious plan to roll out a content division dedicated to producing original content featuring some of their top influencers. This journey from a dorm room project to a real business in the entertainment space exemplifies the quintessential entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a testament to the power of strategic networking, particularly through social media, and a commitment to innovation and collaboration in the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment. Entrepreneurs are no longer like Warren Buffet, they are living the lifestyle like your favorite rockstars too.


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