Niral Desai gets #98 in top Indian American songs. The new king of Bolly-Pop genre.


Niral Desai is not the king of pop. He wants to become the king of the emerging genre of Bollypop. At 24, this Indian American artist has already caught the attention of the global music scene with his latest single “Pyaar,” which has impressively climbed to the 98th spot in the top 100 of Indian American songs. Beyond the numbers, Desai’s journey is fueled by a deeply personal mission—to bring joy to his mother, whose smile is his biggest motivation. This heartfelt aspiration resonates in his music, which has already amassed over 200,000 streams across all platforms. Alongside three billboards in Times Square. 

Desai’s music is a testament to his dual heritage, seamlessly blending Indian musical elements with American R&B to create the innovative genre of Bollypop. Inspired by the likes of Bad Bunny, who revolutionized Latin trap, Desai aims to chart a similar course for Bollypop, integrating Indian samples and instruments with popular American music styles. 

His journey is not solitary. Desai has collaborated with notable artists such as Florida’s rising star Yung Smilez and New York’s emerging talent even attracting the attention of Fat Joe’s son, Rysovalid. These collaborations are not just a melding of musical talents but a fusion of diverse cultural influences, underscoring Desai’s vision for Bollypop as a genre that bridges worlds. His next big goal? 

He wants to get a feature with Nav.

For Desai, music is more than a career; it’s a means to spread happiness, with his mother’s smile as his guiding light. This personal touch adds a unique depth to his work, making his ascent in the music industry not just a personal triumph but a collective celebration of culture, innovation, and emotion.

Niral’s entrepreneurial spirit and hustle is what has kept him so forward in this hard industry. He knows he has a bigger purpose and will never give up he says. Now his next biggest goal is to create a new genre so all Indian Americans can feel the confidence to make music.


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