New B.Ankha Visual Exclusive: Unveiling the Layers of ‘Mind Games’


On February 2nd, 2024, at 6 pm Eastern, the music world was treated to the exclusive premiere of B.Ankha’s latest single, “Mind Games,” a clear exploration of relationship dynamics. In this record, B.Ankha candidly discusses the intricacies of communication, frustration, and emotional barriers that can shape the course of a romantic relationship.

B.Ankha’s soulful voice becomes the vessel through which she articulates her experiences with her significant other, unraveling a narrative of pain and internal struggles. The lyrics of “Mind Games” explain the frustration of attempting to breach emotional barriers, a sentiment to which many can relate.

The song doesn’t shy away from the complexities of a relationship; instead, it addresses the challenge of navigating a partner’s unresolved traumas while simultaneously acknowledging and addressing one’s own triggers. “Mind Games” becomes a musical canvas where emotional authenticity takes center stage.

Haysuse’s production adds depth to the musical journey, while Wonton Designz contributes visually stunning elements to the premiere. If you haven’t had the chance to witness this all around experience, now is the time to tune in and get familiar with “Mind Games.”

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