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New East Coast artist causes ripples across industry with debut album ‘Daymare’ 

ROANOKE, VA – Dotty B is a Bronx-born beat maker who’s lifelong love of music has driven him to create an archive of songs that are about to become hits off his debut album “Daymare.” 

Described as a “versatile piece of art,” Dotty B’s album features a different vibe on every song in an effort to not only show off his diverse skillset, but also to connect with a wide audience. It’s a project that he said stems from his journey to realize his dreams of becoming a successful musician, and he said the songs are filled with messages that he knows will resonate with listeners all over the world. 

“The term Daymare comes from the idea of having a nightmare while you’re awake,” he said. “This album tackles a lot of my hopes and fears and dreams, and it’s just the beginning of more music to come. I want my albums to be a continuous thing, so the next release later this year will be called ‘Daydreams’ and will be more upbeat and vibey. This first album has a darker, heavier tone because it’s me expressing myself and the events I’ve been through or the things I want to go through. That said, there’s a song for everybody and for every type of vibe on there.” 

The first single from the project is a song called “Hurt Locker” which Dotty B said was inspired from watching the film of the same name. It’s basically a song about how life can oftentimes be like trying to keep a bomb from exploding, which is the chief plot of the movie “Hurt Locker.” Dotty B uses that metaphor throughout the song while displaying his skill as a lyricist and producer. He said his signature style is one that takes the popular sounds of today’s industry and mixes it with his own experimental sound in a way that is “more clever and more intelligent.” 

“I want to bring that type of depth back to music,” he said. “A lot of music today is too simple, but the sound is great. I want to tap into that sound but bring a depth to the lyrical content I’m writing. When people hear Dotty B, I want them to hit repeat over and over again because they’re trying to understand what I’m saying in the song. I want to remain humble while also trying to be a good influence on a lot of people. I’ll never be a guy who teaches the wrong thing, though sometimes I speak on wrong things if they’ve happened to me. But that’s always with the intention of influencing and inspiring others.” 

In addition to “Hurt Locker,” Dotty B has another single called “Just Woke Up” which is also from the album and will be featured strongly this summer. A music video for that song is slated to drop before the end of summer and will serve as a kind of springboard into more music from the artist to come later this year. 


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