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Fusion of different genres creates intriguing signature sound for Dorren Pierre’s new album ‘Therapy’ 

SPRINGFIELD, MA – Dorren Pierre is an artist out of Massachusetts with a unique sound. An artist who prides himself in changing flows and riding any beat he touches, he’s about to show the world his standout skill with his new album “Therapy.” 

Every song Dorren makes creates a new vibe, and the past four years have been spent perfecting those vibes to an extent that the final product is nothing short of mastery. New fans will be unable to deny the bouncy, wavy, Jamaican and Urban flows that reverberate off this catchy new project from one of the music industry’s fastest-rising talents. 

The album is one that Dorren said was first inspired by a situation that happened with his father a few years ago, who was involved in a situation that required him to be deported from the U.S. Because of the difficulty of that period of time in Dorren’s life, music became a constant therapeutic companion and out of that commiseration came “Therapy.” 

“Music was very therapeutic at the time – it always had been but at this particular time, it was especially so,” he said. “Music just resonated with me very deeply and besides the situation with my father, I also went through a couple of different relationship issues during that time. I had a couple of friends who were also going through tough times in their lives, and we came together and decided to dive deep into our craft and find therapy through what we want to do.” 

Dorren said the sound that came out of those sessions is something that is simultaneously progressive and throwback. The fusion of different genres – from Reggae to Motown to Pop – comes together in a unique way across and undercurrent of Hip Hop so that every song on the album is one that creates new intrigue from the listener. Singles like “Big Mon Sound (Prod. @d_com_poser)  and “California Burning” (Prod. @dilligang & @cstaggz05) are perfect examples of this engaging signature style from Dorren. “Big Mon Sound” is definitively Dorren’s display of his skills as a rapper, complete with heavy bars and lyrics that share the story of his life over the past few years. “California Burning” on the other hand, is heavy on instrumentation – especially saxophone – and has an upbeat, almost dancehall-like vibe.  

“All of my music is either stories from my life or my friends’ lives, or maybe what’s going on in the world,” Dorren said. “I try to always be different and give a message to people, but also have it be fun. I want my music to be something you can dance to but also sit and think to and catch a vibe to. And I don’t want all my songs to be just one type of energy, so I try to mix it up from song to song. At the end of the day, I want to be known as someone who, like most other people, has a passion and a dream. The whole purpose of me getting into music was to just let people know they can do something else. There isn’t a set rule in life. Do whatever you want to do that makes you happy. You can rule your life and set your own rules and go wherever you want. 


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“Big Mon Sound”


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