City The Great (Special Ed Protege) Pushes The Culture Forward


Acclaimed Hip Hop artist/CEO City The Great wrote his very first rap “F*ck School” at the young age of nine, which sealed his fate in Hip Hop and music. Not to sound cliche, but after that first rhyme, the rest was history. He worked diligently to perfect his craft and as he matured so did his catalog of music including a series of mixtapes, studio albums, and even collaborations with several Hip Hop legends. This led to the beginning of business relationships along with being mentored by those legends, one being Special Ed. After hearing City’s music, Ed immediately signed him as the first artist under his label SEmedia. “City The Great is refreshing to the ears, his realness is authentic and he strives to keep the culture and elements of Hip Hop alive.” -Special Ed

Now coined as a NY Stapleton, City The Great not only pushes Hip Hop and the culture forward, but he also asserts to bridge the geneartion gap in Hip Hop. In doing so he signs authentic artists to his label Certified Nation Entertainment and co-orchestrates the Annual Classic & R&B Cookout in NY with legendary Kool Rock Ski of The Fat Boys. “He has great talent and is making incredible moves in the industry, he keeps me young and motivated, this is just the beginning.” – Kool Rock Ski

Both Special Ed, Kool Rock Ski, and other founding fathers of Hip Hop are impressed with Great’s ability to reach the masses, globally via potent storytelling. Be sure to connect with City The Great below and grab a copy of his latest projects ‘The Wordsmith’ album and ‘Respectfully Yours’ the mixtape.





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