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In 2019, Philly artist Terrell Mackey released 3 songs independently which has organically grown his listenership from 5,000 monthly listeners to 85,000 monthly listeners. Through thoughtful innovative marketing campaigns, Terrell’s recent single Annie is winning the hearts of music lovers of a wide demographic. The visual to his latest single, “My Way” currently is getting thousands of hits on YouTube and climbing.

“The song, while moody, has a romantic center,” Terrell explains. “It is about the search to simultaneously find love and peace; while also pondering whether such a quest is even possible. You might have to choose one or the other.”

Mackey is a singer, songwriter, and an all-around creative. Talented, innovative and charismatic, his innate musicality has opened doors taking him from his front steps to performing around the world. Well-known for acting and his freestyle talent, Mackey’s dynamic writing process allows him to adapt his style and produce captivating and original music on the spot, whether he’s writing solo or collaborating with contemporary producers and writers. For like many great creatives, his life had its share of dissonance.

Growing up in North Philadelphia, Mackey was no stranger to crime and violence. Instead of falling victim to the daily tragedies that plagued his neighborhood, his passion drove him to beat the ‘young, black and dead before 21’ statistics and build his career in Entertainment. He coins the genre “Future Funk” As He continues to bridge the gap of generations with a very familiar timeless vibe.

“My Way” is out now on all digital music platforms.


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