G. Raymon – “Marina” | @_graymon


Adversity builds character and serves as a reminder to continuously put your best foot forward despite what curve-ball life may throw your way. After the unforeseen transpired, resulting in an abrupt ending in G-Raymon’s baseball career, one moment in the course of his life would forever transcend his future moving forward. He picked up a mic.

Getting exposed to music at an early age played an integral role in setting the foundation for what would manifest on Raymon’s accord. Plagued by the unwarranted stress associated with the unknowing as it relates to future endeavors has lit a fire in Raymon and that flame has been reflected in his work ethic. The beauty that exists in the struggle breeds a different type of beast. That beast is G Raymon personified.

In G Raymon’s lively and colorful visual, he gives something for the ladies as he ventures in the city of Miami, where both waves and women highly exist, but he only has his sights on one, and her name is Marina.

“Marina” is out now on all digital music platforms.


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