Sinatris – “T.T.B.U.” (Turn This Bitch Up)


Sinatris just dropped a ??? with his new single “T.T.B.U.” (Turn This Bitch Up).

Its rare in today’s climate that you can get lyricism, dope content, and catchy music, all from the same artist. For Sinatris, this happens effortlessly as he consistently delivers hard hitting punchlines, precise delivery, and sonically appealing records; all with a certain realness that captivates listeners.

You can watch it on YouTube, and stream on your favorite digital streaming platform!


Dj Smoke Says

“I give this track a rating of 4 out of 5. This is a club bangerrrrrrr!

Lyrics: ★★★★☆ | Hook: ★★★★☆ | Flow/Delivery: ★★★★☆ | Production: ★★★★☆  Overall Sound: ★★★★☆ | Radio/Club Ready: ★★★★★ | Marketability: ★★★★★

Overall Score: ★★★★☆

Social Media Info

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Streaming Info

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