Jay Guernon – Flower Child 2 (LP)


2020 marked the debut of red-hot spankin’ new artist Jay Guernon. Today, he closes out his breakout year with a exciting next chapter to his Flower Child series, Flower Child 2. On the new project, the L.A. act continues his unique animated style with creative character portrays and a mix of flaming verses, addicting melodies over heart-thumping bass. Stream it below and on all DSPs.

Jay does an impeccable job of conveying a whole different lane of the Rap/Hip-Hop genre, while still staying true to himself and staying on the modern side. In this tape, his mixture of light singing and hardcore rapping really structures a satisfying and diverse project, which is inspiring and appealing at the same time. His meaningful lyrics behind each song show his real, authentic self, as well as his immense talent. Jay is a hidden star about to emerge and change the whole meaning of rap; not only for adults but for the youth who inspire to grow as artists themselves.

The sequel is a follow-up to Guernon’s top of the year original which features break out cuts “Me & My Bae” and “Who Am I.” 2021 expects a trilogy effort from the rising star and his signature series that will continue to dive deeper into the artist’s charismatic personality. Flower Child 2 is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan.

Flower Child 2 is available now on Birmingham Entertainment. After the listen, continue to follow Jay Guernon daily on Instagram and Twitter.

Take a listen to Flower Child 2, below.


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