Shu Religion is coming for everything he is owed with “Takeover” @shumoneyblue


2021 is the type of year where you don’t wait for someone to give it to you, its the year where you go and take it for yourself. Anything is possible when the bet is on yourself to win.

Shu Religion embodies that concept with ease and what better to describe this concept with a single called “Takeover”. Savannah Georgia’s own is on a mission to let every and anyone know he can rock with the best of them. Lyrically how he interchanges flows has you wondering what bar is coming next and how will he deliver it.

Takeover puts you in a certain mindset to go hard and never look back. Get in tune with Shu Religion because he is focused.

Stream “Takeover” by Shu Religion now on digital platforms

Twitter @shumoneyblue
Instagram @shumoneyblue


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