Ray Nitti Talks Million Dollar Project, Reintroduction, BiznessBoi And More (Interview)


Ray Nitti is an artist and entrepreneur inspiring many. A hardworking man from the Virgin Islands who moved to Milwaukee, Ray Nitti is making not only making a name for himself but continuing to make his people proud. Making his reintroduction to the music scene, Ray Nitti is back like he never left catching the attention of many. Not only is he a talented and well crafted artist, but a businessman, most recently closing a 66 million dollar affordable housing project, the largest in Milwaukee history. Determined and on his hustle, Ray Nitti is an mogul to keep an eye out on. We took the time to sit down with Ray Nitti and ask a few questions below.

Your new single “Reintroduction” is out now, talk to us about the record, the meaning and the creative process behind it. 

The Reintroduction was me showing my growth and evolution as an artist and entrepreneur. It was me talking out the last decade the highs, the lows, the disloyalty, the love. I’m talking about the vision for the development and the economical impact it will have in the area. The creative process was special this time around because it had been a while since I locked in on music and I had an intentional vision I wanted to bring to the world. 

You’ve been laying low from music for almost 5 years, how does it feel to be back? Talk to us about the last 5 years of your life.

It feels refreshing to be back making music and writing more songs as well. For me I have to be in a creative space to feel like I’m making toy best art. So for the last five years I’ve been locked in with my partners Que El Amin and Mikal Wesley on our vision In bringing The Community Within The Corridor development to life. I’ve also been in LA working with my business partner Larry Sanders in building the COM (Citizens Of Matter) Brand. We had a creative house in the Sherman Oaks area where we were able to support a cohort of artists. It’s been a really interesting 5 years. I took a lot of time to learn myself. I had to mentally get myself together. The places I saw myself going required a stronger version of myself to embark on the journey. I knew I would be tested so I practiced meditation and stillness a lot over the last five years. 

Where did the name Ray Nitti come from?

Well my first name is Rayhainio so ray was short for that. And Nitti came from Francesco Raffaele Nitto who was known as Frank Nitti 

You don’t hear a lot of musical artists coming out of Milwaukee, who are some notable names from your area? Any other talents that you have a relationship with from Milwaukee?

Right now I’m working with Lady Jay, she’s super hungry and she’s up next. But other notable talent is Lakeyah who is signed to QC, Looney Baby and Chappo, The MT Twins, Munch Lauren, Rissa Fam, IshDarr, and so many more!! man honestly I think Milwaukee is in the midst of its creative renaissance and everyone should be paying attention to the town. There is so much new talent doing amazing things in and outside of the city. Far as other talents I have a relationship with I gotta send some love to Jacob Latimore. I watched my nephew grow up into a great young man. He’s always been a star! So I love seeing everything he’s doing from films to his music as well. 

You seem to have a great relationship with Bizness Boi, can you talk to us about your relationship and how that came about?

Man Biz that’s my bro for life. We have been grinding together for years. From Milwaukee to  Atlanta to LA just chasing our dreams. Bro was a dope producer so we connected through the music. We made one of my favorites records still to this day, Lights Down Low. We focus on helping each other grow and pushing a new vision for the city of Milwaukee. It’s great to see all of his success come to fruition. But you gotta understand I watched bro read his dreams out every morning before we meditated. So it’s not surprising to see the homie win. And bring others along with him as well. 

Make sure to check out the artist latest video single “Reintroduction” below.

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