SauceGod Breaks His Addiction On “C.C.”


The rising star gives up past addictions to purple in his new single.

Virginia recording artist SauceGod is riding a new wave right now, due to the buzz surrounding his two previously released songs, “Better” and “Foreign Fevers.” Today, he takes newfound fans deeper into his personal life to get a better understanding of who he is as a man and artist by sharing his past tribulations with substance abuse in the new single “C.C.” — short for Codeine Cowboy. Sticking with in-house production on this one in the talented JudahBeats, SauceGod uses the song’s hypnotizing wordplay and trance-like production to describe the feeling one gets while intoxicated, perfectly. For fans, it’s the perfect balance of Hip Hop, Pop and Trap over the artist’s signature southern charm.

Now in the Lone Star State for the foreseeable future. SauceGod embraced more than a change of scenery when he originally visited Texas during the pandemic — and it spawned the concept for the new single. He explains:

“I was visiting Dallas in the Summer of 2020 and got stuck here during the lockdown. Giving up pills had me in a weird headspace, but the upside of that experience was the birth of this record.”

The popularity of “Better,” “Foreign Fevers” and “C.C.” build-up to the anticipated album expected from the new star in 2022, currently untitled and on his own imprint. The forthcoming project will be the direct follow-up to SauceGod’s 2020 EP, The Lone Wolf, the project that spawned fan-favorites “FTS” and “Da ZaZombies.” “C.C.” is the perfect origin point for any newly discovered fan as SauceGod transforms into a 2022 artist-to-watch.

Take a listen to “C.C.” below, courtesy of Spotify.


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