Righteous (Canada) and Ruste Juxx (NY) x DJ Mercilless “What Is” Video


Canadian MC Righteous pays homage and respect to Hip Hop and the culture in “What Is.” The single/video features Ruste Juxx and DJ Mercilless and is the first release from his project titled ‘and the DEVIL is…’

The video takes off with DJ Mercilless doing what he does best with cuts and scratches while Righteous digging in the crates. His wordplay and clever punchlines define emceeing and djing. What is an emcee if he can’t rap, what is a DJ if he can’t scratch, echos during the track as do both verses from Righteous and Ruste Juxx. This is a must-listen/watch for up and coming artists as well as pioneers who are given their due flowers. “What Is” can serve as Hip Hop basics. Watch the video and stream ‘and the DEVIL is…’ EP below.

Stream the album ‘and the DEVIL is’ below which features AKX of Righteous Revolution, B Fox, Kool G Rap, Rashad Roulett, Thirsty McGurk, Van Glorious, Ikee Mula, and the late Faith Walker with production by DJ Mercilless, Ear 2 That Beat, and bytman.



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