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Hip hop and martial arts have been dating for a while. It looks like a while back- they made it official with their ultimate love child, Philippe Prosper, who always believed that rap is a martial art.

Prosper is not only a lyricist, but also a former Southern Shaolin disciple under Grandmaster Yim and international fighting. To him rap and martial arts are synonymous thus the marriage of Shaolin and Hip hop. Within the short time span of his selective releases, his thought provoking raw lyricism, spiritual imagery, and dizzying rhyme patterns caused Amped Sounds’ “The Critic” to describe him as “possibly having one of the best rap flow of the last 10 years”.

If you are a fan of classic kung fu films and the craft of rap- this is your revival. Prosper embodies the insatiable determination that characterizes Shaolin martial arts. After casually getting his MBA, while being a christian coach-sharing Christ’s impact on his life, starting a company, caring for his temporarily bed ridden wife, and writing his mixtape, Philippe is finally ready to take the rap world like a hurricane, or rather like a “tornado …kick”.

Prosper, enters a lyrically volatile, confrontational exchange with God Himself about suffering and pain with “HumanKind.” The track touches on the controversial subjects of police brutality, corrupt police, racial profiling, human hypocrisy, drugs, murder, rape and swiftly turns the conversation inward to his own tendencies towards self destructive behavior, ultimately pointing the finger back at “HumanKind”, demolishing their claim to morality and kindness, masterfully pointing the finger at every one, including himself, who dares engage with this lyrically potent, rhyme heavy teacher.

“HumanKind” is off of Prosper’s upcoming project, Rap Is A Martial Art.


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