Ball Greezy – Bae Day 2


Bae Day 2 is the perfect combination of what is needed on a hip-hop album: strong lyrics, smooth production and an unforgettable artist behind it all. Ball Greezy has once again put his all into his music and you can hear it in the raw lyrics that flow over the beats. Bae Day 2 is all about showing love to the special ladies in your life, whether she’s your bae, your baby or your b***h.

“I plan to be one of the biggest niggas to come out of Miami, I ain’t gonna stop until I get there…”

Bae Day 2 can definitely set the mood and Ball Greezy wants to make sure that all his fans can find something that they like on it. The support of his fans is extremely important to Ball Greezy and when creating Bae Day 2, not only did he make sure that it was real but it was also relatable. With his fans’ support being one of the top important factors in his music career, Ball Greezy has even created a prayer line for his fans to call into and pray on their blessings.

Stream Bae Day 2 here.


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