Nate Natey – If It Ain’t Snowing ft. Montana Montana Montana, RJeez


Part of Nate Natey’s appeal, in addition to the extraordinary clarity of his reedy voice, is his geographic specificity. He presents himself as an old-fashioned neighborhood guy, right down to his swagger “If It Aint Snowing” recently got new life in the form of a guest verse from Montana Montana Montana, & RJeez from the insurgent California label 925five Records.

The “If It Aint Snowinf” remix is leisurely coming soon, with the sing-song appearance from Montana Montana Montana in between. Nate Natey gives listeners just enough time to catch their breaths, so that they can be ready to chant along with the hiccupping hook, which may yet get a chance to worm its way into a few million more ears: “I Need 2o White B*%#h right Now!”

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