Myrycle Mahn Adds Classic Hip Hop Flare To ‘Party Time (Remixes)’ Album


Myrycle Mahn is closing the generational gap-bridging in Hip Hop with his Party Time (Remixes) album.

Inspired by the influence of artists the Myrycle Mahn respects such as Snoop Dogg and JAY-Z, the project channels stylistic tendencies of bot G-funk and lyrical street rap and showcases his advanced skills in musical composition via his experimentation marrying the sonic eras of 80’s break-beat Hip Hop and modern rap sub-genres such as trap music.

Myrycle Mahn explained how he got his start in music at an early age, due to the guidance of his mother.

“I started playing instruments and songwriting when I was very young,” he said. “It was my mother that invested in me. I remember when I was ten years old and my mother bought me an alto saxophone so I can be in the school band.”

Over the course of his life, the 40-year-old has released countless records and worked with numerous artists including Cleveland-based acts Robem, Sellasie, and Fredo.

Additionally, Myrycle Mahn’s production e-commerce shop features a variety of his previous hits along with exclusive instruments as well.

Stream Myrycle Mahn’s Party Time (Remixes) below.


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