@MusicChoice Exclusive: @djkhaled Moved To NYC For Jay Z


Known to some as the “living meme” thanks to his Snapchat videos, DJ Khaled is currently preparing to release his 9th studio album, Major Key, which features appearances from Jay Z, Future, Kanye West, Big Sean, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross. He sat down with Music Choice and explained how he moved to the Rotten Apple for Jay-Z.

“It took me years to get Jay Z to do a record for me, and it’s not like he did not want to do it. It’s just, you know, I had, you know what I mean? Make it know that I wanted Jigga on my record, you know what I mean? So people don’t even know. I never really told this story, but, you know, I basically got a condo in NYC for a whole year to stay close by him and let him know how hungry I was for that verse, so I went in studio every day. He was recording his album and I appreciate him letting me be around and capture that greatness, but at the same time, I was hustling too, you know what I am saying? I wanna get that verse in. It was a year process that I had to go back and forth to Miami to NY and I had condo in NY and so I stayed in NY and so I had to let him know ‘I’m not going nowhere’. Basically we made history. I am never stopping. July 29, Major Key.”

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