Maniac Blac Delivers ‘Concrete Island’ EP


Maniac Blac’s highly anticipated EP ‘Concrete Island’ debuted on Amazon’s Hip Hop Release Chart at number 46. The project is produced by Harold Scrap Fretty (produced Tupac’s ‘God Can’t Judge Me) and gives listeners/fans a taste of Blac’s diverse style and flow along with Harold’s superb blend of new and old school production.

The album touches on pressing societal and worldly issues including police brutality, racism, senseless violence in low-income housing, and more tainted topics. Blac stated he wanted the project to speak up for the ones who can’t speak and the children who grow up in single-parent households.  A majority of the proceeds from ‘Concrete Island’ go to the B.C.R.F. (Breast Cancer Research Foundation) to help spread breast cancer awareness and prevention.

In a short period of time, the EP has landed on The Real DJ Spins mixtape, spins on multiple radio stations on the East Coast, and has gained hundreds of streams in the Los Angeles area. ‘Concrete Island’ is available on Amazon as well as all other streaming platforms. Check out the project below and enjoy your journey into ‘Concrete Island.’

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