CEO Verse talks to his lady nice with new single ‘Drive Me Crazy’


In the world of relationships, you will always hear that everyone needs a better half who understands them and rides for them no matter the situation. Your better half will have you feeling and doing things you would not expect because you have finally realized she is the right one.

Ceo Verse aka Mr. love Doctor is a Richmond, Virginia artist who may have found his better half and he describes that feeling with new single Drive Me Crazy. With production from Donn Suave he explains how the way his lady treats him, knows him, and understand who is all while playing her position “Drives him Crazy”. Ceo Verse is used to the world seeing him as famous or someone they envy because they cannot have his success. In this song his lady is exactly what he needs and as he mentions in the song “You ain’t even Treat me like I’m famous”

The Engineering, Production, Lyrics, and vibe of the whole song is official and if you a fan of dope, well put together music, then this song is a must listen. Get tuned with “Drive Me Crazy” by Ceo Verse available on all digital platforms



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