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Young Pop star Mandi Macias drops quintessential summer single ‘Alive’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – A new Pop princess is on the scene and her latest singles “Alive” and “Bad Boys” are the kind of summer jams that will soon have her music being played in places all over the world. 

LA-based Mandi Macias is a 17-year-old singer, songwriter, actress and dancer who had been slowly building a career as an entertainer over the past few years. At a young age, she’s already made a splash in the industry by performing at some of the biggest venues on the West Coast  such as the iconic Whisky A GoGo, as well as collaborating with some of the biggest names in music such as The Black Eyed Peas and The Plain White T’s. She was part of the BET Experience and they invited her back as an alumnus to speak to new and upcoming artists. She joined notorious stars such as Robin Thicke on the panel, emphasizing her importance to the industry and her relevance, and a Pop artist who deserves recognition. And now, with the release of her latest singles, she’s announcing to the world that she’s a Pop artist that demands attention. 

“Alive” is the most recent release, having dropped in mid-July and already receiving more than 50,000 streams on various digital platforms. Produced by AJ Smets, it is the quintessential summer single. Its chill vibe invites listeners into an atmosphere that’s immediately reminiscent of good times in far-off locales on the beach with the sound of ocean waves crashing and the perfect breeze blowing by. 

“I used real nature sounds in the production of it,” Macias said. “There are ocean waves and wind sounds to create the beat, and you’ll hear birds chirping. I brought the outdoors and paradise to us since we can’t really travel as much this summer. I thought I’d bring paradise home.” 

Lyrically, the song talks about falling in love and the scary feeling that comes in the midst of a relationship when you begin to wonder if that relationship will go the distance or if it’s time to cut ties. 

“It’s about being so in love that you want to stay in that happy paradise forever,” she said. “You just want to be happy and in love, even though you’re worried about whether or not you’ll make it out alive if it doesn’t work out.” 

“Alive” comes on the heels of the success of the other single she released earlier this year, “Bad Boys,” which has garnered more than 155,000 streams since it dropped in early April. Produced by Wiicked Keyzzthe song has an upbeat R&B and Pop vibe that is equal parts throwback and modern. The song has a deep personal appeal to Macias as she nods to the rich music history of her family – both in the song and with the cover art which features an old throwback photo of her grandfather. 

“Even though we shouldn’t love them, we’re always attracted to a good bad boy,” Macias said. “This song is kind of a warning to all the other girls to fight that attraction. It’s a fun song, and I love that the cover art is a picture of my grandpa. It’s an old-school picture of him and his friends. They were definitely bad boys, and when I saw the photo, I knew I had to use it. Everyone who sees it thinks it’s a photo of an old movie star because he has such a Marlon Brando look.” 

Macias said both singles feature unique sounds that she likes to incorporate into her songs – something she considers to be her signature style. “Alive,” for instance, was inspired by a lot of different sounds she was hearing while living through a global pandemic.  

“Every time you hear a song from me, you’re going to hear something interesting or out of place,” she said. “It might be a car door closing or the click of a seatbelt. I hear those things and I think, ‘What if we recorded that and put some auto-tune on it and make a song about a car.’ Since I was young, we used to watch the rain and make songs out of it. I’m a very outdoorsy person – I like hiking and nature – and I love all those sounds and they make their way into all my music. But at the end of the day, I want my music to be known for empowering women. Too often today, music views women as objects or that they’ll never be able to make it without a guy. My music is empowering and encouraging other women to live in the moment and be happy with where you’re at. I want to change the idea that women are objects or sad without or that we need guys.” 

Macias has more music in the works and is working toward finalizing a deal with co-founder of Pandora, Tim WestergrenWestergren is also the co- founder of Sessions, a live online streaming app/website for live concerts, which was launched early May 2020.  Maciais also working to reschedule a European tour that was put on hiatus during the pandemic.   


To listen to Mandi Macias’ music or to follow her on social media, please visit:  

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