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EP inspired by ‘Quarantine Summer’ showcases young musician’s diverse musical abilities 

DALLAS, TX – A young new heartthrob has been making his way onto the music scene for the past few years, and his new EP, “Quarantine Summer” is the perfect project to propel him onto a wider global stage. Joshua Flores has been a recording artist throughout much of his teenage years, and now at age 21, this Pop crooner is creating music that is drawing attention from all corners of the industry and gaining a rapidly increasing fanbase worldwide. Slated to drop on Aug. 21, this five-song EP was inspired by his time during quarantine and offers five different vibes that he says most others who have experienced the quarantine will be able to relate with.  

“Each song is based on a certain style of music – like different types of genres that branch out and show the different things I like to try to do to get outside of my comfort zone,” he said. “I’m always trying to incorporate the different things I like because I like to challenge myself and try new things when it comes to my music. Even when I’m doing a Pop song or any song, I always try to incorporate that soulful sound. I make music that is catchy and relatable to people. I try to write songs that cover a broad range of topics. Everyone has experienced heartbreak or relationships. Sometimes people want to have fun. Each song on this EP has a different feeling and people can relate to it by the vibe they feel.” 

The project opens up with “I’m Done,” an Alt-Pop track that is perhaps the greatest departure from anything he’s ever created before. Nodding to influences like Billie Eillish or 21 Pilots, this darker-toned song uses strings and background vocals to evoke deep emotions that come from a breakup.  

This is followed by “Attention” which Joshua said is a Club song with an upbeat vibe that will make people want to get up and dance. Even when not at the club, however, it’s a song that he said is great to just listen to and vibe with and chill to while having fun with friends. The concept of the song is about a guy seeing a girl at a club and she’s catching everyone’s eye. He wants to get her attention so he’s doing a lot of things to attract her and entice her to have a good time. 

The third song on the EP is “Slow,” an R&B track that is perfectly suited to showcase Joshua’s voice. It’s more of a sexy song than he’s ever created, he said – perfect for some alone time with that loved one. Immediately following this is “Vibe” which has a very electronic-forward sound. It’s entirely produced by Flores who said he’s always been attracted toward more of an electronic style.  

“This is the most quarantine-forward song,” he said, “because it’s all about being stuck at home and wanting to go out and have fun but you can’t. All you can do is vibe at home and dance around and have fun with where you’re at.”  

The EP ends with “Farewell” which is a Hip Hop track in the style of Post Mallone. Joshua said he based the song off the negative emotions that come from a breakup after having given the person multiple chances. It’s a “so long, farewell, screw-you-for-hurting-me” kind of song, he said. 


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