Jae Law aka Hindrix “Really A Star” (Single)


Certified Nation Entertainment and Jae Law aka Hindrix release his latest single “Really A Star.” The DMV artist shares a personal track about his grind and why he goes hard on the mic and in life. This is not a game for Jae Law aka Hindrix,  his sleepless nights along with tunnel vision focus come from the heart. He’s on an evolving mission to keep his name and craft in the stars amongst the greats. The chilling melodies intensify his confident proclamation. Stream “Really A Star” and connect with Jae Law aka Hindrix below.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/akahindrix?utm_medium=copy_link

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jaeakahindrix?t=ZPQa4WKEEQRD3-awrWRWmg&s=09

Website: https://www.certifiednationentertainment.com/jaelaw-aka-hindrix


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