iLUMiNATiVE Shows How You Can Thrive Despite being on “The Spectrum”


iLUMiNATiVE is an independent music artist from Mullumbimby and was born in Byron Bay, Australia.

He has been recording music since 2005 and has released three projects; ‘The Awakening’, ‘Kundalini Rising’ and ‘The Spectrum’ worldwide. All albums have been featured on various radio stations across the globe. The song ‘Know Yourself’ from breakout album ‘Kundalini Rising’ was the first song to make it onto a national mainstream radio super network in Australia.

iLUMiNATiVE is an advocate for freedom, freedom of speech, human rights, neurodiversity, natural medicines, Autism / Aspergers (ASD), universal law, spirituality and sexuality.

In relation to the cause, he says “I just got to a point in my life where I got sick of not living up to any potential I had and decided to work towards acting it all out, stop hiding in the closet. An awakening of who I really am, and thats love & a conscious spirit having an experience as a human being. To do the work to get over my physical limitations, health issues, social anxiety, low self esteem and caring too much of what people think. It was also a process of deprogramming and detoxification for me.”

iLUMiNATiVE continued, “It took a lot of suffering and losses, losing everything to just go for it, which can make one fragile or just broken to a point where I just didn’t care anymore, which can lead to a break through, an unstoppable force, a transmutation of negative energy.”

The battle with Autism is mental and physical. A spiritual self revolution was necessary to move towards focusing on my visions and dreams of being who I want to be, not limited to diagnosis and be who I am rather than letting society program, belittle me or limit me. I always felt bad for being different and so now I am just standing up for myself being on The Spectrum, as we/I have suffered enough for neurological indifferences. Its time to go beyond the program, even the program of Autism and thats what I represent, thats what spiritual awakening has done and does for me. Awakening, evolution and revolution is my cause and purpose even if its alone.

The newest iLUMiNATiVE album on the rise is called ‘The Spectrum’ released on the 11/11/2021. This creative album ranges in topics and subject matter but stays on point within ‘The Spectrum’.

This album includes 7 original songs, both clean and explicit versions with radio edits of singles distributed for radio play: ‘The Spectrum’, ‘Stay Awake’, ‘Love Forever’, ‘Rejoice’ and ‘Born Again’. A music video for every song will be on Youtube and Instagram.

Support the rise ~ 11:11 ~

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