Duke Binladen Makes A Bag While Showing Off His ‘Blow Out’ Fade In New Video

Duke Binladen

Up-and-coming Netaway The Label rapper Duke Binladen has returned with the follow-up to his recent “Saudi Arabia” single via his pressure-applying “Blow Out” release.

Duke Binladen appears to be in his natural element in the video for “Blow Out” as thumbs through a check with his woes tightly in tow.

With money on his mind and mind on making more money, Duke Bin Laden expresses his desire to run up a check with the gang in the midst of his pocket rocket-clutching bars on “Blow Out.”

“I’mma hop out and finish the mission/Put you in position to finally go get you a bag/ I’m balling hard like a Piston/I shoot I’m not missing/But I’m tryna drop me a bag.”

It’s only appropriate that Duke begins the year in stride considering he ran numbers up on several occasions in 2021 with popular singles such as his “Big Dog” collaboration with Netaway artist Baby Slime and his “Push Start” banger which has over 15,000 views on YouTube alone.

Watch the full video for “Blow Out” below.


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