Deez Inglez – “Glow” (@DeezWKInglez)


Inglewood rapper Deez Inglez recently released the video for his song, “Glow,” which features epic shots of Deez Inglez on boulevards in L.A. standing on cars and rapping.

There’s a certain reputation that comes along with being born and raised in Inglewood, California and Deez Inglez is the epitome of that having developed his rep for over a decade in the streets.

Known as the “City of Champions” after the Lakers’ success at the Forum for year, the small neighborhood of Inglewood has been a hotbed for entertainers and athletes alike having bred talents like Paul Piece, Lisa Leslie, Tyra Banks, Mack 10 and Cali Swag District to name a few. Of course, who could forget the shoutout Inglewood got from Dr. Dre on “California Love” – “Inglewood always up to no good!”

“It’s not Compton, Long Beach or Watts – it’s like an island being so different and unique,” Deez explained. “Inglewood is in the revitalization stages of making the city a focus across LA. With the new stadium being built and the renovations occurring everywhere, it’s the perfect time to showcase my music because I’ve been putting out music in L.A. for about 10 years. I was introduced to Sir Jinx who worked for Cube and Dre and I worked on making my name from there with classic production behind me.”

But before Deez Inglez was a rapper, he gained a local reputation for a key member of Inglewood’s Morningside Monarchs state championship basketball team that was eventually featured on ESPN’s 30 for 30. During the documentary called, the Morningside 5, Deez Inglez promotes his music throughout the film as the he updates the world on his life.

“Ever since 2001 we have been working. In 2009 I was signed on to Mitchy Slick’s label and now we are doing this from the feet on my own imprint. For a while I was pushing artists, I wanted to put cats on and I realized I’m better off doing it myself so I can really show them how this is meant to be done.”

While Deez Inglez has yet to title his next project he is targeting a release later on this year to follow up the visual for “Glow.”

“First thing was I’ve been waiting to work with Yellow Nguyen, the video director, for a while, so it’s a blessing to work with him – we just wanted to give people a Summer anthem. A smooth Summer classic with the West Coast, L.A. sound. Not a down South sound, not a East-Coast sound, a classic West-Coast banger,” he said. “There’s just a lot of things that haven’t been seen yet and so I feel like there’s so much more that we can show people on the West-Coast, I feel this visual does that. Inglewood hasn’t been on in a long time and with the Rams coming and the Chargers coming, its’ going to be a great run for the city and I want to be a part of it.”

Now with shows lined up in Las Vegas, San Diego and LA in the coming months, Deez Inglez is looking forward to setting up some high school performances at Inglewood’s two high schools Inglewood and Morningside. We want to maintain a presence amongst the youth with merchandise and making our music available for them.”



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