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Da Dirty Clanzmen is a tribute collective to Ol´Dirty Bastard formed by Brooklyn Zu’s Dungeon Masta to represent Ol´Dirty Bastard’s legacy and honor his name but also to establish who they are as artists.

Members are Dungeon Masta, Struxx Denali, Dizzy Dizasta, Ern Dawgy, Manny Macgyver, Karnage aka Cashman, Eddie Hizpanik, Creep Dogg , F.Y.B.A. and Elijah Divine, Sage BadWeather, DJ 2Evil and the late Alexis Cartwright aka Bipolor.

The group also has a large number of followers in Da Dirty Clanzmen family and are considered a brotherhood.

Da Dirty Clanzmen brings to us an album that was 7 years in the making. The Dirty Truth, a follow up to last year’s X Tape, is a 21 track album in classic Wu-Tang fashion: swordsmen, Friday excerpts, old Channel 5 kung-fu movie interludes and the missing ingredients in NY hip hop: hardcore beats and lyrics. The album comes with an additional 4 bonus tracks. An album that would have made ODB proud.

Da Dirty Clanzmen proves that hip hop is NOT dead (as they say in the last track of the album) and is bound to take back the culture and the sound that rightfully belongs to the East Coast.

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@dirtyclanzmenzu | @DaDirtyClanzmen

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