Charles K. – In Due Time


Charles K. isn’t here to be boxed in as just another conscious rapper. Instead, the 24 year-old Dallas native wants you to hear his truths in his music. Charles always knew he was gonna be a rapper, but played Division 2 basketball as a way to get a full ride through college. When he was 20, his friend DJ Whiz went on the Smoker’s Club Tour with Ab-Soul and Joey Badass, and when he returned, they just putting out a couple singles, and eventually did a whole mixtape which would become his debut mixtape, Victory For Hip Hop. His style stems from the influence on people like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, capturing the way they deliver high-quality and autobiographical content. He recorded the Red Tape in Dallas after spending three months in LA in 2017. He wanted to be as transparent as possible, making a tape that was true to himself and his life. Now, as he gears up for the next chapter of his budding career, Charles K. presents us with his new album, In Due Time, with aspirations of becoming a voice for anyone with the desire to go chase their dreams, no matter what comes their way. Along with the release of his new project, Charles also delivers the official visuals for the lead track, “Lifestyle (Intro)”.

When asked what he wanted listeners to take away from his new album, Charles K. spoke candidly saying, “Working hard. People think that patience means sitting around and waiting for things, but In Due Time is all about working hard and knowing that things may not add up now, but shit is working. Overall you have to wait for that final treasure, but on a daily basis you need to be disciplined enough to put your craft first so you can be prepared enough when you’re given that chance. I say “I” and “me” a lot on that record, but I feel like people will be able to sing along talking about themselves. It’ll be dope for the culture.”

Stream In Due Time via Apple Music.

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