Catch The Lo-Fi Wave S-EM-C Surfs On Her ‘Seasick’ Single


For listeners searching for the perfect smooth-rolling lo-fi Hip Hop record serving as the soundtrack to your relaxation the swooning and hyper-chill vibrance of Akron-bred multi-hyphenate creative S-EM-C’s “Seasick” single positively has you covered.

Bound to entrancing production provided by Stafford Beats, “Seasick” combines S-EM-C’s subdued melodies and even-keeled flows, creating a soothing, truly enjoyable lo-fi hybrid rap slap ready for chill-time playlists everywhere.

In addition to “Seasick,” which is the first release of the year from S-EM-C, tracks like “My Lover” and “On The Go” have become fan favorites among her listeners due to her uniquely organic songwriting and composition style.

Stream “Seasick” below.


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