Black Collar Biz – The GetBack EP | @blackcollarbiz


Conquer your dreams….dream to conquer, and that’s exactly what Black Collar Biz is set out to do.

Born Byron Marshall, the Tri-State area native has built a solid reputation as an MC. After all the local success, Biz remained humble but hungry. Closing out Q4 of 2018, Biz is ready to heat things up once again. After taking a few years off, and watching other artists in his city ignite the music scene, Biz’ hunger to create music returned. It was one incident, in particular, that inspired his newest project, The Get Back.

One day, another rapper sat in on a studio session with Biz, and asked if he even still rapped. It was at that moment Biz decided to “get back.”

As we enter the last quarter of the year, Biz delivers a cohesive project that truly showcases his versatility as not just a rapper, but an artist. Every track, with the exception of the last record, spotlights a guest feature that adds another dimension to Biz’s overall sound. Whether it’s a singer adding a soulful, melodic touch, or another emcee who can keep up with Biz’s wordplay, The Get Back caters to a diverse audience.

It’s one thing to write about it, and another to actually experience it for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Hit the play button below!


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