AY, Celebrated Producer Releases ‘Global Village Vol1’ Full-Length Album


AY, a Philadelphia native, now DC resident is famed worldwide for his multi-genre production, selling over 20,000 Hip Hop albums independently. Since 2010 he’s released Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, and Electronica music bringing together positive vibes and energy in what he coins a global village of sound and love. His new 16-track album ‘Global Village Vol 1’ surpasses that mantra. AY delivers an expressive, uplifting album that can be played anywhere for any mood. Envision rooftop gatherings, cruising top down, reflective moments, body grooving on the dancefloor; AY embodies distinct vibes underscored by a kaleidoscope of instruments that show off his mastered creative genius.

“New Day” is driven by striking drums and soothing vocals. It’s a great track to introduce the album and focuses on wiping tears and letting go to start anew. The upbeat tempos assert it’s time to get the body moving and prepare for tomorrow. “Take Flight” reminds us to breathe in all the goodness we exude and to feel bliss in our amazingness.

“On Nile” sways with slower, hypnotic tempos with living and loving life as a theme. Sounds of strumming guitars steer while cocktails are raised and eyes become lost in the view. “Ancestors Groove” gives off worldly, feel-good sensations sure to vibrate dancefloors from city to city, state to state, and country to country. “Bst Life” refreshes with infectious instrumental blends that heighten a sense of responsibility to live our best life.

“Herds of Sheep” is a must-listen, humbling track. The lyrical rhymes describe where someone’s been to who they are now. The catchy hook is one that will resonate long after the song is over. “You got the blind following the bling herds of sheep know it’s rough but don’t get lost in those streets because life could get hard for those who are weak so ya gotta stay strong stay up on your feet.”

“She Right” is a yearning to be with no one else but that one, special person and wanting that reciprocated. The track, smooth in deliverance is accentuated by clapping melodies. “Hold It For Too Long” is a track for the ladies wearing crowns even if a little dusty or damaged. It’s a proclamation not to wait for a man to place the crown but to open hearts and bring the best out of oneself; it’s time to shine.

“For Real” flows with contemporary R&B tones and stimulates all five senses, which are revived when someone displays their realness, and in this era and time that’s a rarity. “Why Again?” is conveyed by vocals brewing with an array of emotions. The track touches on saying goodbye for all the wrong reasons. Listening with eyes closed, it’s hard not to compare the vocals to Sade; hair-raising song.

“Hold On Me” hits with an enticing backdrop and outlines what happens when someone has a hold on you. From changes in demeanor to overwhelming feelings, the song describes love. “We R Aligned” wakes the soul with Erykah Badu-like harmonies and brings in the stars for an aligned love and joining of two hearts.

“Grt Vybz” is a fast-paced rap track mixed with cinematic basslines and drums, ideal to get moving in the gym or to face the morning grill before starting the day off. “I Need You” captures the search for a ride or die and shares the need for a real woman to grow with. His past of manipulating has run its course and now it’s time to settle down and experience real love.

“Night in Kyoto” comes with the most simple message in life which is to loosen up and have a good time. The track vibes with head-nodding and body swaying from beginning to end. “I Made a Come Up” serves as the album’s finale. The fresh track is delivered anthem-style with coming from the bottom to the top, never gonna flop theme. A guarantee to have everyone on their feet echoing the hook.

‘Global Village Vol1’ by AY is an infectious body of work that musically coaches about motivation, uplifting ourselves, reminders to live life, to love, and ultimately to just feel good. In a time of uncertainty, ‘Global Village Vol1’ is a necessity for humans regardless of age or gender, or economic status. Stream the full album and connect with AY below.

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