Arichussettes Under The Tent Interview


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Q: How were you first introduced to Hip-Hop? Do you remember the song or the artist?
A: From hanging around the neighborhood park on the basketball courts and hearing the older kids play it from their radios.Young MC was one of the early ones that I remember hearing on the basketball courts.

Q: How old were u when you first started writing your own music?
A: I Started writing rhymes when I was about 12

Q: Were you ever in a group? if so what was the group name?
A: I Was never in a group when I was young

Q: Do you remember the first song you ever recorded?
A: I can’t remember the name of the 1st song I recorded but it was back in like 03 I recorded on a radio cassette player lol

Q: What moment made you realize that music was your calling?
A: The 1st time I came out to the East Coast and spit some rhymes for people and seen how amazed they were that’s when I knew I should do this for real.

Q: How would you describe your music to someone new?
A: Nothing like you’ve heard before

Q: What are you currently working on? Any new projects?
A: I just dropped a new album with Block McCloud of AOTP along with the mixtape Beat Jack Street Smash Vol 3 and currently I am working on two EPs one with Deebo Mac and one with L.I.T on tha Product

Q: What’s your long term game plan as an artist?
A: My long term game plan is to make myself into a big enough brand that I can expand into different avenues for revenue

Q: How can you be found on social media?
A: I can be found on also so media under Arichussettes

Q: Any final words or shout outs?
A: I wanna shout out Sewa Side Squad, GGSE, 4TH Quarter and WARecords and all my fans


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