Yung Roamin Signs To Uncut Music Group With Sony Music Producer JayUncut


Yung Roamin is proving that you should never give up on your dreams! Learning how to make beats back in 2016, the Ohio Native was serious about his career from the start. Yung Roamin knew that it would take hard work and dedication to make his dreams a reality.

“I started getting visions at such an early age, asking myself what I can do and how my life can turn out if I really worked hard on it pursue it” Roamin admits, “I was like man I aint about to work a 9.5 job, like everyone else I am meant to do something big and impact people’s lives, so realizing what I could do really fueled me in high school and went with it.”

However, once he graduated from high school he was forced to make the decision to either go to college or continue to chase his true passion. He admits the small but big decision put him under a lot of pressure from his family who wanted him to pursue a higher education. Yung Roamin decided it would be best for him to follow his dreams but shares that the road to success hasn’t always been the easiest.

“I went from working one job everyday bussing tables in high school to having to work two jobs in the food industry, shit was tough, and I had moments where I felt so down and in fear of what I was doing was right but I kept going.” He recalled, “Later down the road I had a struggle with mental health and just wasn’t myself and couldn’t work so my family thought I should go to college. That was the lowest point of my life I had no vision of the future but felt a presence of no safety and had a lot of love and support.”

After taking time to focus on his mental health and spirituality, Yung Roamin was ready to jump back into the music business. Making anywhere from 6 to 10 beats a day and networking in the industry, the independent artist was finally seeing the results of his hard work. Landing his first big break with up-and-coming artist Rubi Rose for her single “He In His Feelings”, he was relieved and knew everything would fall into place!

The future is looking bright for Yung Roamin! Ready to build his empire, independent artist is looking forward to connecting and collaborating with some of the hottest entertainers in the music industry. Already working with hip-hop artists such as Rubi Rose and Dej Loaf, the best is yet to come from the YUNG producer. In fact, he recently signed to Uncut Music Group with Sony Music Producer JayUncut and confirms he’s already working on his next project.

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