Yung Martez ft. Yungeen Ace – “Talkin Gangsta” (Official Video)


Yung Martez is a buzzing new artist out of Houston, Texas ready to explode from the streets to the charts in 2022. Today, he begins his tirade with the new single “Talkin Gangsta” featuring Yungeen Ace, which is accompanied with a music video. From heavy bass to gritty street flow to a Florida flavored guest feature, the new single was a must for Yung Martez on so many levels.

“The beat is what made me start spazzin lyrically,” says Yung Martez about what attracted him to “Talkin Gangsta.”

Yungeen Ace appears on the track following a hugely successful 2021. For Martez, tapping Ace for the track was a natural fit with the Florida star’s magnetic look and signature trap raps match Martez similar motif — organically.

Martez on working with Yungeen Ace: “It was a cool vibe, super genuine. Bruh came & followed me back on the gram & everything. My lil kuzin been steppin’ with him for a minute.”

“Talkin Gangsta” sets up Martez forthcoming album, as-yet-titled, currently in the works. The making of the project will show Martez unveiling his life story to the world. It will capture him at his most vulnerable.

“This tape really got a lot of my real-life moments in it. If you just listen you can really get to know me through the music on this certain tape. I’m explaining my elevation like crazy,” he says.

Martez’s new release is the perfect origin point for newfound fans. “Talkin Gangsta” follows the new star’s 2020 album Certain Moments, which features breakout songs “Back It Up,” “Yeah” and “Out Dat Jungle.” Yungeen Ace appears on the new single via KBM/Universal.

“Talkin Gangsta” is on all digital streaming platforms via Tha Map Agency. Stream it here. For more on Yung Martez, follow the rising star on social media.

Watch “Talkin Gangsta” below.


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