Young Onassis x TripiLz – Lethal Weapon Vol.1


Phoenix, Arizona recording artist, Young Onassis, has cruised to the top of the underground scene with his 2019 breakout hit, “Rolls Royce Umbrella.” At the peak of his popularity, the new artist makes his widespread arrival in the debut mixtape, inspiringly-titled, Lethal Weapon Vol.1.

The seven-track debut includes assistance from the fellow new sensation TripiLz. Inspired by the classic budding cop film, Lethal Weapon, starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Buzzing from his previous release, the project is Onassis and TripiLz best work yet. As the two trade bars and exhibit amazing chemistry, Onassis is explosive, cunning, and of course lethal. The debut’s breakout tracks includes new fan-favorites, “Play,” “Miss Daisy” and “Hood Tour Guide.”Lethal Weapon Vol.1 is executive produced by TripiLz and Onassis-himself.

After the play, for more Young Onassis news, follow the new artist on Instagram. Check out the entire project, available now on Soundcloud.


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