Yog Westwood – “These Streets” | @YWESTWOOD


Affectionately known as “Mr Calizona,” Yog Westwood is a very seasoned artist who initially embarked upon his musical journey as a boy. His sound is unlike any other artist who preceded him and can be described precisely in three words- real, raw, and relevant. It’s a west coast sound with a twist of 2014. Yog Westwood built the foundation of his buzz by launching a full-service recording studio and consistently producing hypnotizing beats and performing. 

The bright-eyed West Coast lyricist brings us the visuals to his single “These Streets”, featuring Bombay & Katt Da Mack. Produced by DJ Havoc, the single brings back a laid back West Coast vibe of what once was, clearly the days being not so innocent, but just vibing out on sunflower seeds, good music and good people. But always watch your back and keep your eyes open, though. 


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