Yishay Zimrah – Dry Bones (Wake up Judah)


Servant Brother Soldier and Child of the Most High YAH, Yishay Zimrah uses music to pass on a message to the world on the brink of the end times 

LAS VEGAS, NV – Yishay Zimrah is not afraid to tell the truth. He’s a man who will hit it straight and right down the middle. His new single “Dry Bones (Wake up Judah)” is the perfect example of that. 

The socially conscious song deals with Hebrews and their identity and the travesty that so called “African-Americans“are facing in today’s society. It’s a spiritual song with inspirational vibes that mixes in Folk and Soul with a bit of Gospel. 

“It’s a song about where we’re at right now and what we need to do to get to where we’re going,” Yishay said. “It’s a song that’s relevant for the times we’re in. There’s an awakening going on among the Most High’s hidden ones around the world, and this song answers some of the questions that so many people around the world have today. It’s a song that deals with the social ills that the so called  “black“ people are facing in America. They don’t know their identity. It has been stolen from them. And this song helps them to deal with the deeper situation behind that. Our heritage can be found in historical facts and prophecies, and it’s my responsibility to share what the Most High gave me with others. It’s all part of the plan to help repair some of the ills we’re facing and to wake our people up. It’s honesty and love and good music.” 

Yishay is a former Marine who embraced art – and specifically music – as a way to help share the importance of the truth, and this is his message along with praise. In fact, “The Message” is the title of his upcoming album which features his new hit single  “Dry Bones” and other songs such as “Blood Screaming From The Ground” which is in the same socially conscious and whistle blowing arena. Yishay said his style can be described as “Truth” with elements of Gospel and conscious Hip Hop found in almost everything he creates. 

“My music is not just to entertain but to inspire and inform,” he said. “My background is in the scriptures (the Bible), and my desire is for us to return to the old paths where our souls may find rest. I’m a patriarchal Hebrew Israelite man, servant, soldier and child of the Most High, and I feel a deep responsibility for every word uttered and every representation made of the Most High.” 

Yishay’s album also features songs like “Blood Screaming from the Ground” and songs of worship such as “The Only Way” which further expand on his messages of injustices, degradation and conditions of certain groups of people. 

“This is the time of the great awakening,” Yishay said. “The scriptures are real. Prophecies are real. What we saw in part is now being unveiled to witness face-to-face. Most High willing, I shall usher in a new thing with the restoration of the old.” 

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