YHG Pnut Proves Why He’s “Forever Up” in New Album


YHG Pnut has steadily built a strong reputation through his collaborations and his hit single “Change Lanes,” which has garnered over 500K streams across all platforms. His roots in hip-hop and inspiration from the likes of Lil Wayne, 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, 50Cent, Eminem, and Don Diego have deeply influenced his musical journey. The soundtrack of his childhood and the influence of his mother, who was already deeply embedded in the world of hip-hop, have set the stage for Pnut’s entrance into the industry.

“Forever Up” marks Pnut’s growth since his arrival in the industry in June 2019 with his EP “All Bets On Me.” This project features collaborations with only one artist, Mac J, and showcases the diverse talent of producers including Foolie, Afrodisiac, LilO, JakobJohn, 22Diegs, MissU, LOZR, and Skies.

Pnut highlights the tracks “Bounce”, “Felon”, and “So Paid” as must-listens for new fans to witness his growth and prowess in the hip-hop genre over the past few years. The release of “Bounce,” a music video preceding the project’s official release, is a testament to his commitment to providing a visual dimension to his music.

The visuals are poised to captivate his audience, drawing them into his world and experiences. This commitment to storytelling and visual representation is a testament to Pnut’s multifaceted approach to his art.

“Forever Up” is available for listening on various platforms and the music video for “Bounce” is already making waves on YouTube. Pnut’s ability to connect with his audience on a personal level and his dedication to his craft are evident throughout this project.

YHG Pnut’s “Forever Up” is a powerful and intimate offering that showcases the artist’s growth and evolution in the hip-hop scene. It is a testament to his journey and his unwavering dedication to his art. With this project, he solidifies his position and leaves a strong statement about his commitment to his music and his vision.

Check out the project below.


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