Willie Bee – Mopstick feat. Quin NFN


Today Atlanta rapper Willie Bee has connected with Austin, Texas-based rapper Quin NFN for their new collaborative single. “Mopstick.” The two quickly delivered a music video for the song that has already garnered over 240,000 views in just under a week and has fans going crazy in the comments. 

“My new single Mopstick has Quin NFN out of Texas on it. The last song with Paper Route Jay Pizzle, ATL Jacob produced the beat and it’s been doing really well on Pandora and Spotify” Willie Bee told fans in a statement to the press. “Quin is nice man, he got a hard flow. We got some mutual friends but first off his style caught my attention, he got a mean flow. This song is about the regular inner-city living man. Its a good huslter anthem for anyone that stayed in an apartment, anyone who hustles knows the streets ain’t always gotta be bad if you’re making money. I feel like Quin’s fans are going to merge into my fans, so I like this record. Its a good street anthem.”

Willie Bee’s last EP featured NY representative Jadakiss, who was coming fresh off his Verzuz appearance, as the Lox took on Cam’ron and Dipset in a Hip-Hop battle for the ages. 

Known for his work in the streets Willie Bee did some time in prison but he’s back showing that It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish as he’s found music as a way to fill his idle time and stay focused on something positive. 

“I’m a street rapper, I’ve been to prison, I’ve been in and out. You know I”m trying to make sure I stay out and this gives me something new to do with my idle time. I’ve already done all the hard work learning how to rap, so I might as well do the easy part and actually tell my story. So I’m just trying to show the youth that you can be successful, even though you had a couple of marks on your name. Don’t give up man, everything is achievable. If there’s anything that I can bring to the game its that I’m a model example of success on a concrete road. Don’t let your environment deter you from where you really wanna go.”

While Willie Bee may be a name unfamiliar to some in the music industry, his family has a long history of playing their role in some major acts along the way. One such role was that of his grandfather, a backup guitar player for Jimi Hendrix. While his cousin signed the recently slain Archie Eversole who did the famous song “We Ready.”

“I’m from Atlanta, my grandad was a backup guitar player for Jimi Hendrix and my cousin owned Fat Boy Records and put out Archie Eversole with the “We Ready” song, so I always had the music in my family and in my life.”

Aside from his family’s background in music, when asked why and how he got into rapping, Willie Bee explained that he grew up around a host of rappers from T.I.’s crew as he grew up on the Westside of Atlanta in Bankhead. Some friends encouraged him to take it further and really tell his story and the rest is history. 

“I was bored, and with everything that I’ve done in the streets, I was just ready to put it down on paper for the city. I’m from the Westside in Bankhead. I got a lot of friends that are in T.I.’s crew. I let Peewee Longway shoot his video in one of my establishments. I’ve stayed all over but I’ve done all the work that it takes to be a rapper learning how to rap, now it was time for me to just do it and make music,” WIllie Bee explained.  “I’m just what they call a certified street nigga bro. Anyone from Atlanta gonna vouch for me, I don’t care who they are from the biggest to the smallest, so that’s me man. That’s me just a boss that made it man.”


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