WHOAA – “Don’t Take Me For Granted”


Self-proclaimed retropop duo WHOAA is releasing their emotionally-heavy cover of Atlantic Starr’s track “Don’t Take Me For Granted”. The song is an ode to Mother Earth just in time for Earth Day 2018 as they prepare a slew of visual releases leading into the Summer.

The track is a remake of Atlantic Starr’s popular song released on their 1987 album All In The Name of Love, with an updated twist that’s sure to get a whole new generation of fans interested in their music. Listen up as WHOAA provides a humbling backdrop for the human race’s day to give back to planet Earth.

“”We were on a road trip and Ring was sleeping while we were driving through the Smokey Mountains during the 2016 Great Smokey Mountain Wildfire. I could see the glowing embers on the side of the highway, as the smell of smoke seeped through the car vents, which woke up Ring,” Dolla recalled.  “We were listening to Atlantic Starr as we drove through the fires and during that moment, “Don’t Take Me for Granted” was playing, and we became truly moved by the emotion in the record. It really made us think about Mother Earth, and at that moment we knew we had to re-do the song and bring that emotion to the world.”

Included with the audio release is a lyric video for the song, which features images depicting destruction on our planet from the hands of mankind.

“Its about not taking Mother Nature for granted and I think it will just really touch other people’s hearts. It was a way that we could express our pain for everything that’s going on in the world dealing with Nature and the environment, . We grew up on MJ’s Earth Song and we don’t have anything like that today, so we wanted to do our part by offering our voice,” Ringexplained. 

While this track serves as an introduction to WHOAA for many, Dolla and Ring have been working in the studio ever since they made a spiritual connection recording back in 2015.

“We are like Rick James and Tina Marie part 2 – like fire and ice,” Dolla explained. “Fire and desire, we complement each other well, as if we share the same heart. WHOAA is an acronym for When. Hearts. Open. and Attract.”

“We are kindred spirits,” Ring explained. “We are one in the same in so many ways, as far as our journey and musical aspirations.”

 Most recently WHOAA has been in the studio working with emerging producers: Mike Maven (Kid Ink, Chris Brown, Migos, Wale – Atlantic Records/Warner Brothers), Nick Fury (Nas, T.I., Mary J. Blidge), Earegula (DANJA/ Teddy Riley/ DJ Marley Waters). GRAMMY Nominated Engineer Dan Cohen ( Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Fergie), and GRAMMY Winning Engineers Ken Lewis (Drake, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West) and John Frye ( Outkast, Gwen Stephani, and TLC)

Going forward WHOAA is prepping the release of several new visuals which will hit fans this Spring leading into the Summer. 

“We are just building content and planning to unload visuals through the Summer and we are doing WHOAA Wednesdays, so we can reach out to fans who we call Family. It’s just cool to get the feedback and spread the love around once a week to really be out there and touch the fans,” Dolla said. “We also just released our latest project Broke Hearts Avenue EP, which further introduces fans into the World of WHOAA.”



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