Who is Benny the Jet?


High energy, audience engagement, mixed with a club, pop rap style that you will never forget. That is the definition of what you will find at a Benny the Jet concert. Born in Los Angeles California and moved to the state of Iowa as a kid, you would never think it was a perfect home for an independent artist. Truth is, if you stand out, you can be in a league all your own. Iowa City, Iowa artist Benny the Jet has done just that.

With musical and theatrical influences from his adopted family, they exposed him to a lot of different entertainment avenues. “I grew up doing plays, musicals, choir and band. I always knew I wanted my career to be something entertainment related. I fell in love with Hip-Hop in my teenage years and started to pursue a career in Rap.” Benny the Jet states. “I was also fascinated by the lifestyle.”

He’s officially in the lifestyle now. His brand and style are well known and admired. He currently has a podcast “In the Cockpit” and is scheduled to release his first EP this year. He has worked with Lex Bratcher and Futuristic and has headlined numerous concerts of his own generating his own following and success. Late in 2022 his signed on with Midwest DJ, DJ K Yung as his manager and got long time friend Brett “Bert” Johnson has his road manager. His career is on the path that he believes that will now take him to new heights, with hopes of touring and working with producers like Metro Booming, Mustard and putting on theatrical performances like Travis Scott.


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